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Your Life Is Your Art
Let me help you amplify it


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Meet Lily

I'm your 4:30 AM morning riser, sunrise fanatic, silver lining brown eyed girl who believes peanut butter makes everything better. I am also an occupational therapist specialized in creative expression. I feel so honored to function as an educator, mentor and resource in this wellness space.


I believe a fruitful, empowered life is more than just what meets the eye. It's our rooted belief patterns, the way(s) we speak to ourselves, how we nurture our bodies, our contextual influences, our emotional intelligence, our subconscious coping strategies… all the things that make you, you.

A desired life story is cultivated when we adopt the driver's seat in our identity development, commit to self-celebration, focus on what matters most to us and pursue our meaningful aspirations. I believe creative expression is the avenue by which we come back home to ourselves and show up in the world as our purest, most authentic essence.


Each of us is responsible for establishing and sustaining a sacred commitment to self. I deeply believe in the power of this narrative. And so, core to my philosophy is teaching others how to harness intentional responsibility over one’s life story. 



We always begin with the most raw piece of ourselves: our ever-evolving identity. And through intentional action, we transcribe our ritualized ways of being into meaningful patterns of performance that connect us back to ourselves. 


There is simply nothing more special than helping another live a life they love. Thanks for being here xx

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A Peek At My Work...

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