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  • Lily Trabold

My Mission: Cultivate Your Life Story

I believe a fruitful, empowered life is so much more than just what meets the eye. It involves understanding our rooted belief patterns, the way(s) we speak to ourselves, how we nurture our bodies, our interconnected contextual influences, our emotional intelligence, subconscious coping strategies… the list goes on and on. We are complex beings and our life story is cultivated through the celebration of our unique selves, focusing on what matters most to us and the pursuit of meaningful aspirations.

As an occupational therapist specialized in lifestyle optimization, I function as an educator, mentor and resource in the preventative wellness space. My scope focuses on the ever-evolving journey of identity formation and ritual development. I encourage individuals to adopt the following perspectives:

What we allow into our lives is our responsibility

How we respond to the world around us is our responsibility

Our dedication to our evolution is our responsibility

I endorse the adoption of this responsibility and watch in wonderment as my remarkable clients transform their lives into their idealized experience. Core to my philosophy is the consistency of habitual rituals, inventing new expressions to support each other, loving on the world around us and most importantly, celebrating the innate potential we possess. I help my clients understand how showing up as their authentic self, believing they are worthy of goodness and keeping promises to themselves is the gateway to their limitless potential. Because, at the end of the day, the promises we make to ourselves are the most important.

If this perspective speaks to you, I thank you for your listening ear, openness and curiosity for your journey ahead. I am stoked to embark on this together and learn through your exclusive life story.

Welcome! Here’s to all things you’ve been, all things you are and all things you will become...

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